Blood Tests & Investigations

Our doctors will guide you as to which diagnostic investigations you should have. A full range of blood tests and urine pathology services is provided by “TDL” The Doctors Laboratory.

These tests are available without a doctor’s appointment (they can be booked directly with our nurses):

  • Blood Group
  • Chlamydia Testing (by Urine sample)
  • Cholesterol (Fasting Lipids)
  • ECG and report by a cardiologist
  • Hepatitis B immunity following a completed course of immunisations
  • Lung Function Tests
  • Pregnancy Testing

Other investigations we will undertake as requested by a doctor and for which you have been given a pathology or investigation request form. (We will send the results of these investigations directly to the doctor concerned).

See Nurse Led Investigations for a comprehensive list and fees.

If you wish to have any other test, you will need to book a consultation with one of our doctors. This is to decide which tests are appropriate for you and, more importantly, to interpret your test results. We will usually notify you of results by telephone or by letter but sometimes it may be necessary to ask you to come back for a further consultation with one of our doctors instead.

Please Note: We do not undertake any blood tests on children under 16 years old unless they have had a consultation with one of our doctors, who has agreed these tests are appropriate.