Contraceptive Services

Contraception/Family Planning

All doctors in the practice are happy to provide family planning information and advice. Barrier methods, oral contraceptive and injectable Depot preparations are all available. Dr Woyka undertakes IUD fittings (including Mirena devices). An initial consultation followed by a fitting and follow up sessions with her is recommended. Dr. Woyka holds the DFFP and Letter of Competence in IUD fitting. All equipment used for gynae procedures is single use disposable.


Jane Woyka is Associate Specialist at Northwick Park Hospital’s Menopause Clinic, where she is proud to be part of the award winning prestigious team, headed by Joan Pitkin. Menopause management is always changing, and Jane’s approach is to assess individual risk and benefit according to a patient’s personal and family medical history, in relation to their symptoms and quality of life. Jane is particularly interested and experienced in working with patients who have had a premature (or early) menopause and with dealing with patients whose cancer history excludes them from hormonal therapies. You will find her knowledgeable about recent research and responsive to your worries and concerns.

For further information about coping with the Menopause for patients with a history of Cancer click here and to listen to the Woman’s Hour discussion about the Menopause in which Jane participated please click here.