Private GP Consultations

Our GP services are available:

  • To anyone who wishes to consult a Private General Practitioner once or on an occasional basis.
  • On a subscription basis to patients wishing to register and use us as their regular GP.
  • If you are visiting from abroad.
  • If you are not eligible for National Health Service (NHS) care.
  • If you would like a second opinion.

You may choose for us to communicate with your NHS GP or for the consultation to remain confidential.

We offer a range of 15 minute to 30 minute consultations

  • 15 minute consultations are suitable if you have a single minor acute problem such as a sore throat, ear ache or eye infection.
  • Longer appointments are booked for other more complex problems, particularly if this is your first visit to us.
  • 30 minute appointments are also recommended if you are seeking a second opinion.
  • Follow up consultations are usually booked for 15 minutes unless otherwise requested.

We can provide a written report for another doctor and a private prescription if these are required.

We undertake investigation such as blood and urine testing, resting ECGs and lung function tests.

We can refer you immediately for further diagnostic services or to a consultant of your choice. We have close working relationships with the consultants within this hospital and others, and can usually recommend one in tune with you and your needs.

You can have your prescription dispensed on-site by the hospital pharmacy after your GP consultation.

If appropriate referrals can be made to either NHS or Private hospitals for further investigation or admission.
We provide a caring and confidential service to all of our patients.

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to your consultation. He or she can also act as a chaperone if you wish. If you would like us to provide a chaperone for your consultation, then please request this when booking your appointment.

All private GP services must now be registered with the Care Quality Commission and produce a Patient’s Guide. The Harrow Health Care Centre’s Patient’s Guide includes details of our Complaints Policy and is available upon request.
We embrace the Care Quality Commission’s and the NHS NSF (National Service Framework) standards for the care of children and all our staff receive annual training in child protection issues.