Harrow Health Care Centre welcomes BBC Breakfast focus on menopause

All this week, the BBC Breakfast TV show is holding a menopause awareness week in a bid to encourage women to open up about their experiences.

They are also trying to challenge the stereotypes associated with the condition and encourage those suffering to seek help and advice from experts.

Throughout the week the BBC will be focusing on a specific aspect of menopause each day; Monday looked at the signs and symptoms associated with menopause, Tuesday will focus on the latest medical treatments available, Wednesday will look at how the workplace can be improved to help women who suffer from menopause whilst at work, Thursday’s focus will be on dealing with menopause when it comes earlier than expected and Friday will look at tips to help your heart, health and happiness.

Menopause is the period of a woman’s life where her periods stop and her ovaries lose their reproductive function. It usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, with the UK average around age 51.

Most women will experience some symptoms associated with menopause at some stage, but the duration and severity of these symptoms vary from woman to woman. On average most symptoms last around four years from the last period, however, some women have been known to suffer from symptoms for up to 12 years.

Common symptoms include hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, problems with memory and aches. However, there are some lesser-known symptoms that are also associated with menopause including palpitations and depression.

Here at Harrow Health Care Centre, we specialise in providing expert health and advice regarding menopause, led by Dr Jane Woyka who runs the London Menopause Clinic at our health centre.

Jane is an accredited menopause specialist with the Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care and is widely considered to be one of the UK’s leading experts in the field.

We understand that no woman’s experiences with menopause are the same, that’s why we help work out the best way forward for your individual situation.

Our approach is to assess the individual risks and benefits according to a patient’s personal and family medical history, in relation to their symptoms and quality of life.

You will also find our team are knowledgeable about the latest research and responsive to all of your concerns and worries.

Get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment with our experts:

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