The charity Teenage Cancer Trust is calling for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to be given to older boys in the wake of the introduction of vaccines for 11-13-year-old boys being introduced this academic year.

Teenage girls have been able to get the vaccine since 2008, while boys aged 11 and 12 in High Schools in Scotland will be offered the jab, as well as boys aged 12 and 13 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Two doses of the vaccine are needed, with the protection lasting for at least 10 years – but if the first dose has not been received by the age of 15, then three doses are required to be fully protected.

The immunisation programme has proved effective for girls, with a significant fall in both HPV cases and pre-cancerous growths.

Jane Woyka, Principal GP at Harrow Health Care Centre, said: “We think the extension of this vaccine programme to teenage boys is a good move, but the failure to offer it to older boys and men may mean that it will fail in its objectives to eliminate or significantly reduce instances of HPV.

“Girls can already enjoy free ‘catch-up’ vaccinations up until the age of 25, so even those who have missed vaccination earlier in life can still get protected.

“It is a shame that a similar offer is not being made to these young men, especially now that we know that HPV can carry similar cancer risks for men as well.”

Harrow Health Care

At Harrow Health Care, we offer the HPV vaccine to anyone aged 9-50. The Cervical Cancer/HPV vaccine has now been reduced to £150 per dose (three doses required).

The course consists of three injections to be administered within the following timescale:

  1. First appointment date
  2. Second Appointment date one (or two months) later
  3. Third Appointment date at six months.

This fee applies to anyone (male or female) between the ages of 9 and 50.

Please note that all fees quoted above are correct as at 1 September 2019.

These may be revised or vary from time to time, please confirm the current fee with our Receptionist when booking your appointment.

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